ZF Configuration


zf-configuration is a module that provides configuration services that provide for the runtime management and modification of Zend Framework application configuration files.


Please see the composer.json file.


Run the following composer command:

$ composer require zfcampus/zf-configuration

Alternately, manually add the following to your composer.json, in the require section:

"require": {
    "zfcampus/zf-configuration": "^1.2"

And then run composer update to ensure the module is installed.

Finally, add the module name to your project's config/application.config.php under the modules key:

return [
    /* ... */
    'modules' => [
        /* ... */
    /* ... */


If you use zf-component-installer, that plugin will install zf-configuration as a module for you.


User Configuration

The top-level configuration key for user configuration of this module is zf-configuration.

'zf-configuration' => [
    'config_file' => 'config/autoload/development.php',
    'enable_short_array' => false,
    'class_name_scalars' => false,

Key: enable_short_array

Set this value to a boolean true if you want to use PHP 5.4's square bracket (aka "short") array syntax.

Key: class_name_scalars

  • Since 1.2.1

Set this value to a boolean true if you want to use PHP 5.5's class name scalars (::class notation).

ZF Events

There are no events or listeners.

ZF Services


ZF\Configuration\ConfigWriter is by default an instance of Zend\Config\Writer\PhpArray. This service serves the purpose of providing the necessary dependencies for ConfigResource and ConfigResourceFactory.


ZF\Configuration\ConfigResource service is used for modifying an existing configuration files with methods such as patch() and replace(). The service returned by the service manager is bound to the file specified in the config_file key.


ZF\Configuration\ConfigResourceFactory is a factory service that provides consumers with the ability to create ZF\Configuration\ConfigResource objects, with dependencies injected for specific config files (not the one listed in the module.config.php.


ZF\Configuration\ModuleUtils is a service that consumes the ModuleManager and provides the ability to traverse modules to find their path on disk as well as the path to their configuration files.